Merry Christmas from the ARCA Truck Series/Phoenix Management Group Staff !


By Kevin Schwarze

Christmas is like no other time of year. It is a time of unparalleled giving and sharing, planning and travel. It is a time when people seem a bit nicer, a bit more forgiving and a bit more thoughtful. Christmas is also a period when folks will travel to see their family or loved ones that perhaps they haven’t had the pleasure of being with in quite awhile. As well, it is also a period when many holiday traditions are observed, whether generational or ethnically.

Racers, on the other hand, travel constantly, especially in a traveling circuit like the ARCA Truck Series, where competitors make their way from Flat Rock, Michigan to Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, among other destinations. In the end, haulers log thousands of miles just in getting to the next race alone! And with that, some even follow the same routine, either by habit or to follow “lucky” patterns that have garnered success in the past.

So, when the Series ends, the banquet silverware is put away and drivers, owners, crew people, sponsors and officials head home, what fills their plate until the first engines fire in 2011? What do they do to approach this time of year? Do they observe tradition? Do they travel some more? Or, do they stay in the garage until the first bird appears as the snow melts?

Click here to see what Truck Series people are doing for Christmas!

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