HANS Device Must be Recertified for 2012

Starting Jan. 1, 2012, Head and Neck Restraints must be recertified every five years to receive the SFI Foundation’s conformance sticker.

Competitors who want to use a HANS Device purchased in 2007 or earlier must have their device recertified. Devices passing the inspection will receive a new SFI 38.1 conformance sticker marked with the inspection date. HANS Performance Products will certify the HANS Device for a $15 fee plus return shipping. (You will be given an estimate of shipping at checkout, but we will charge you the actual UPS rate).

  • It is rare for a device to fail the recertification inspection.
  • We regularly see devices that need replacement rubber on the legs or have tethers that are more than five years old and therefore need to be replaced.
  • If the friction rubber or tethers must be replaced, customers will charged for these items at the standard price. (Tether prices: $20 to $100. Friction rubber: $75.)
What should I do?

  • We have established two factory certified locations for this service.
  • To send your device to Atlanta, GA, place your order online by clicking “Add to Shopping Cart” below.
  • If your tethers are dated 2007 or earlier, you must add either a Tether Kit or Tether Upgrade Kit to your order.
  • At checkout, you will receive an Order Confirmation Number.
  • Put the Order Confirmation Number and your device in an appropriately sized box. You are responsible for shipping to HANS Performance Products, 5096 Peachtree Road, Atlanta, GA 30341.
  • Please anticipate a two week turnaround from the time we receive your device.
  • To send your device to Indianapolis, IN, visit for instructions: http://www.krjraceproducts.com/services/default.aspx
  • Note fully painted devices cannot be inspected and will not pass recertification.
To view this website or any further questions please visit:

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