2011 ARCA Truck Series, Looking To Add To The Long and Rich History!


A lot has happened in the 12 seasons that is the ARCA Truck Series, presented by the Phoenix Management Group. So far, 142 races have taken place, the most being 16 in 2000 (followed by 15 in the inaugural 1999 campaign). The state of Ohio leads with 38, followed by Indiana (which staged the most in a single season with 7 in 2000) at 32 and Michigan at 25. Toledo Speedway in Ohio and the Flat Rock Speedway in Michigan are the only two tracks to stage races in every season of the ARCA Truck Series, with Toledo currently at 17 and Flat Rock (the first to ever hold a Truck race in 1999) is next with 14 while 18 tracks have hosted just one apiece — in all, 44 sites in 13 states and Ontario, Canada have all hosted the ARCA Truck Series over the years!

Three-time champion Paul Hahn is out front with 26 wins followed closely by another three-time champ Chad Guinn at 24. Third on the list is Brett Rowe with 11, Danny Jackson’s in fourth at 9, Robbin Slaughter and Nick Gullatta are tied for fifth place with eight, Aaron Hulings is seventh at six, John Witham is 8th with 5 and Troy Marciniak and Jeff Speakman are tied in ninth with four apiece. The series longest winning streak belongs to Hahn with four in 2008, followed by Aaron Hulings in ’99 and Troy Marciniak in ’00 with three each.

The driver with the most series titles is a tie between Hahn (’06, ’08 and ’09) and Guinn (’02, ’03 and ’04 — the only one to have more than two in a row). Robbin Slaughter was the first multiple champion in ’00 and ’01 and Hahn was the last. First ever champ Bill Withers’ two still remains the furthest apart between crowns (his other came in ’07). Michigan has produced the most champions with six (Hahn and Guinn) followed by Ohio with four (Withers and Slaughter) with West Virginia (Rowe) and Pennsylvania (Bailey) enjoying one each.

As far as manufacturers, the longest winning streak is currently enjoyed by Chevrolet, which hasn’t lost an ARCA Truck race since the first one of the 2008 season — that’s 29 races! They also enjoy the second longest streak of 27 between the last race of the ’03 run and the 3rd race of ’06. The “Bowties” are currently in first with 83 trophies, followed by Ford at 57 and the other two are owned by Toyota from 2006.

 The largest starting Truck field was 27 at Toledo Speedway on May 16th, 2007, while the smallest was last year at Skyline, OH with ten.

Racing is all about who can stay out front, and ever since Troy Marciniak led the first ever lap in the first ever Truck race at Flat Rock (only to be overtaken by John Witham on lap two and then go on and win that event), the ARCA Trucks have had lots of passes for the top spot! Guinn leads the way 1353, followed by Hahn with 1159, then third is Brett Rowe at 712, fourth would be Jeff Speakman at 604, Steve Christman is fifth with 503, Slaughter is next at 493, Witham is 7th at 416, Danny Jackson holds down eighth with 402, Gullatta sits ninth with 365 and tenth is Pete Wormcastle at 312. 56 drivers are shown to at least led one lap in Truck wars. But interestingly, only two Truck races have been decided by last lap passes: Chad Guinn’s move on Brett Rowe September 10, 2004 at Toledo and Paul Hahn’s at Flat Rock September 2nd, 2007 over Christman; the latter is also one of two of the fewest laps ever led by any race winner which is two circuits — Marciniak also did that at Baer Field June 3rd, 2000. 22 times a driver has led from flag to flag, 2000 being the most with seven while ’06 and last year saw none. Hulings in ’99, Guinn in ’00 and ’04 and Rowe in ’04 and 05 are all tied for most races led in a single season with eight. Guinn also holds the record for most laps led in a single season at 373 in ’01, and also holds down third place from ’05 at 332 (right behind Rowe with 338 in that same year). Ironically, Guinn did not win the title in either of those years. Chris Bailey led the fewest laps of any champion last year with 28, but that was in seven events. Withers, on the other hand, led 31 laps in a 15 race campaign. 2008 saw the most different leaders with 14 and that number is also the total of the most lead changes in a single event at Winchester Speedway on August 18th, 2000, and was won by Guinn. Hahn has led in every season except ’99 (in which he did not compete) and ’04 (when he started just one race). Guinn led in every season from ’99 to ’05. Slaughter paced the field from 99-01, ’03, ’06 and ’08. Christman was out front in ’03, then from ’05-09. Tully Esterline also led in ’99, then in 02-03, and finally in ’06. Ron Wells had a five season streak going which started in 2004, and current driver Kenny Kirsch Jr. has led in all three seasons he has competed in, starting in ’08, as has Rob Jones. Nick Gullatta had a three season run in front from ’06 through ’08. Series regular Brad Yunker led his first ever laps last year at the Skyline dirt since joining the circuit in 2002. As well, Craig Meyers also led his first lap at Skyline last year after many seasons of competing with the Trucks starting in 2002. A few other interesting lap leader notes: Witham led the second ever Truck lap in ’99, then in ’00 was the second leader of the season again, and then in ’01, led the first laps of the first race of the season (for a total of 416) — but has not led in any other season again. Steve Cronenwett had some great runs in 2007, leading in 6 races for a total of 168 laps, but still has yet to win a Truck event.

 The 13th ARCA Truck Series season, presented by the Phoenix Management Group, will roll off to start it’s 2011 season Saturday, May 14th at Toledo Speedway!

(Editor’s Note: These numbers are as exact as possible with the information available. However, it is likely that a figure here or there may be slightly off. If we missed something, we apologize and hope that you would bring it to our attention so we can possibly correct it! Thank you)

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